Mr. Al Vatine

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Al Vatine is the president of LMS Technologies, Inc. The company is establishing the core facility for fiberization, filtration, nozzle design, and filtration research and development. Now, he is the premier research and technology development for COVID19 with set-ups to design and study the byproducts from these technologies. Al Vatine studied biology at the Macalester College and graduated in Pathology at the University of Minnesota.

Facility and equipment to Study, by-products produced by air cleaners with technologies other than filtration

Air cleaners that utilize different technologies to deactivate the micro-organism achieve this by producing other gases and products to affect the genetics or surface of the biologicals. There is a need to study these by-products and make sure that they are not harmful to humans. The manner this was achieved previously involved the absorption of volatiles and aldehydes into certain absorbent tubes. The tubes were then treated to release the by-product into GC mass and liquid chromatography systems to be analyzed. This method was not 100 percent reliable. There have been advances in the above-mentioned detection technologies, and the new GC Mass/PTR-TOF analyzers can do all these analyses in real-time and much more accurately. Also, these systems can separate solid particulate from gases and analyze these solid particles. The analysis of solid particles can be substantiated later by SEM/EDS for the type of compound in these particulates.