Dr. Ellie Amirnasr

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Dr. Ellie Amirnasr is a fiber and polymer scientist with more than 10 years experience in filtration technologies and clean air solutions. She started her career at MANN+HUMMEL as innovation project manager in 2013 to work on future products in filtration industry. Close to the end of 2017, she joined the entrepreneurship program of MANN+HUMMEL and by January 2018 she co-founded qlair. At qlair, she is dedicated to helping facility management professionals be more efficient in their building operations and indoor environment control. In two years qlair team built a platform that offers comprehensive and unparalleled visibility into air quality and HVAC's operating conditions with real-time alerts on air quality, remaining filter life, fan capacity, and so much more.

Your Brain on Air Pollution

Air pollution can have a temporary and permanent effect on cognitive functionality of people and cost the global economy nearly $3 trillion. What can we do to create a healthy environment for ourselves and future generations? In 1906, thermostats were introduced as the first means for measuring indoor environmental conditions. Then emphasis on comfort sparked the beginning of commercial building automation controls in 1960 and today Building automation joins the cloud. There is no better time for data driven clean air management solutions as attention shifts to occupant health, asset optimization, and cost reduction. In this presentation you will find information about critical air quality parameters and their impact on our health, environment, and operational cost. In addition, we will present ways to improve and maintain healthy air both indoor and outdoor. We will also show how to reduce C-footprint of a building using air quality and ventilation information. In today’s world there is no one solution for air quality improvement. We need an end-to-end solution for clean air management.