Dr. Miao Li

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Dr. Li has been with Cummins Filtration for more than a decade, when he has been dedicated to filtration solutions of particulates, liquid aerosols and harmful chemicals. He has been actively developing testing and evaluation methods for filters, particle counters and media materials. Overtime he has authored a few presentations on AFS, has been primary inventor of 2 patents and contributed to 5. Of late he embarked on testing and evaluation of chemical filtration solutions as Cummins Filtration endeavors into new markets

Adsorption Filtration Of Harmful Chemicals for Clean Air

Adsorption filtration has been widely used in many filtration industries. In short, it refers to the removal of harmful chemicals, either in states of gas or liquid solution, from fluid streams by means of adsorptive mechanisms.  A common material used in adsorption filtration products is activated carbon (AC) flanked by fibrous media, where AC is primarily responsible for removing chemicals. Thus, it is critical that AC and the carbon-impregnated media are correctly evaluated.  Such evaluations can be conducted not only by standard tests, but also at ones similar to environmental conditions. This presentation focuses on experimental methods practiced by Cummins Filtration to evaluate AC filtration solutions, as well as endeavors to investigate more sensible test methods and procedures than current ones.