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Desert in Dark


"It was clear to me in early February what became clear to the general public through Bob Woodward’s latest book.  That was that COVID was rapidly getting out of control.  At that time it seemed that trying to find some way to participate in the COVID fight was the best use of my company’s efforts.

We centered on masks as it was something that we could do and not only participate but also make what I thought would be a big difference.  Starting with never having made a mask and knowing nothing about filtration we plunged ahead as my company has some of the most flexible sewing capacity in the U.S.  We designed a cut and sewn mask that was the best mask on the market not N95 rated.  Had a large number of people had been wearing our mask or a like product in 2020 we could be in an entirely different place on the Pandemic.  My talk will follow this journey in much greater depth, identifying the wide variety of villains along the way."

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