Dr. You-Zhi Tang

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Dr. You-Zhi Tang is an internationally recognized cleantech expert. After receiving his PH.D. in 1987, Dr. Tang served as a senior manager and executive in major Canadian engineering and environmental companies. He is now the CEO of Canada CleanTech Capital Inc. and a founding director for the International Anti-pandemic Industrial Alliance (IAIA). Dr. Tang is also Adjunct Professor or Academic Advisor for 4 universities. He was a UNDP senior advisor, and served as a Peer Reviewer for US Centre for Indoor Air Research (CIAR) in 1990’s, and as a Review Expert for the Ontario Green Fund. He was an invited speaker at numerous international conferences and forums, and a recipient of many awards such as the 2007 Green Toronto Award and notably was named the 2015 Global Chinese Influential People in Environmental Science and Technology by Hong Kong Satellite TV.

Air Filtration - What Products the General Public, Building Managers and Government Officials May Look for During and Post Pandemic?

During the Tokyo Olympics, the accordion-shaped face masks worn by American athletes attracted attention. This is, in fact, nothing new for air filtration professionals as pleated filters are widely used in the filtration industries. However, this does raise the question of what more the industry could do during and after the pandemic to satisfy the needs of our society, from personal protection to building air purification. While the filtration industry will continue to improve its existing products and develop new ones, it is worth looking into what is sought after from the consumers' point of view. For example, the Government of Canada's critical measures recommended in indoor environments during the pandemic are ventilation and filtration, in addition to physical distancing, wearing the face mask, and other hygiene practices. Stand-along air cleaning devices are widely used indoors in some Asian countries, becoming more used for local IAQ improvement of concerned areas worldwide. Nevertheless, air cleaning systems with lower capital and operational cost (total ownership cost) and higher efficiency are highly in demand.