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Mr. Bob Mcilvaine

Bob Mcilvaine is President of the Mcilvaine Company, which he founded in 1974. Filtration has been a major focus from the beginning. The company provides market research and technical evaluations on liquid and air filtration technology. Presently a great deal of effort is devoted to the HVAC filters and masks in the battle against COVID-19

COVID as a Catalyst for Filtration Industry Changes

What do face masks, gas turbines, vehicles, commercial HVAC, wildfire-prone areas, and pharmaceutical cleanrooms have in common? The answer is “air purity”. COVID 19 has been a catalyst leading to filters which will better remove particles in the 0.3-micron range and smaller. Higher efficiency not only reduces disease transmission but lowers gas turbine maintenance and improves semiconductor yield. Advances in measurement allow you to measure viruses and even individual toxic metals in real time. Understanding of the one-stop flight phenomenon where a particle entrained in a droplet may only be temporarily captured due to evaporation is important. Advances in air flow include local air purifiers and better hooding designs. The concept of a very clean  box within a clean box within a cleaner than ambient box is being applied in buildings and cleanrooms. It has even been expanded to an area concept with the placement of filter cubes at intersections. These advancements are occurring more rapidly due to the focus on COVID and a better understanding of the importance of better air purity. Water quality issues have also been an important subject.  Virus measurement in wastewater has allowed early detection of virus outbreaks.  A number of consulting firms are providing safety seals for buildings to include both air and water ratings.