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IAQ Health and Safety Solutions

Associated with COVID-19

WFI 2020 Virtual Conference Proceedings
Dec 15 - 16, 2020
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The Conference

Two Days of Powerful Talks
Dec 15,  2020 08:00 am - 12:00 pm ET

•Emerging Challenges and Responses

•IAQ and the Built Environment

Dec 16,  2020 08:00 am - 12:00 pm ET

•Facemask Technologies and Latest Developments

•Facemask/Air Filter Test Methods and Standards

About WFI 2020 Annual Virtual Conference

Welcome Message from WFI 2020 Chairs


On behalf of the WFI 2020 organizing committee, it is our pleasure to invite you to join the Waterloo Filtration Institute 2020 Annual Conference, December 15-16, 2020, 8:00 am -12:00 pm EST. It will take place online via Zoom. The theme of this conference is “IAQ Health and Safety Solutions Associated with COVID-19”. It will address the critical roles of facemasks and air filtration during the current pandemic for public health and safety. The virtual conference will feature the following four sessions (4 speakers per session):


1. Emerging Challenges and Responses

2. IAQ and the Built Environment

3. Facemask Technologies and Latest Developments

4. Facemask/Air Filter Test Methods and Standards


We are excited to have 16 distinguished speakers from academia and the industry to share their latest developments and trends on IAQ health and safety solutions in response to the pandemic.

WFI is dedicated to supporting the growth of the global filtration industry and the advancement of filtration and separation processes for a clean, healthy, and sustainable world. We thank all the committee members, volunteers, and speakers for helping us put this fantastic program together.


As the conference chairs, we would like to encourage you to join us at WFI 2020 to meet the experts and speakers online for an informative and interactive conference discussing the most current topics and the continuing critical issues associated with IAQ Health and Safety Solutions.


Look forward to seeing you at WFI 2020. 


Conference Chair   

Christine Sun, President 

Waterloo Filtration Institute 

Conference Co-Chair 

Jay Forcucci,  Vice President

Cerex Advanced Fabrics






Speakers & Organizers

Proud to bring inspirational speakers from across the globe


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The Agenda

December 15, 2020

8:00-8:10a          Welcome and Introduction

Session 1: Emerging Challenges and Responses

8:10-8:35a         Cleaning Air during A Global Pandemic, Dr. Thomas Caesar, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies

8:35-9:00a         Recent advances in assessing the role of respiratory droplets in spreading of COVID-19, Dr. Abhishek Saha, University  of California San Diego

9:00-9:25a         Impact of COVID 2019 on the Air filtration Industry, Bob Mcilvaine, The Mcilvaine Company

9:25-9:50a         Center of Excellence in Protective Equipment and Materials, Dr. Ravi Selvaganapathy, McMaster University

9:50-10:00a       Bio Break

Session 2: IAQ and The Built Environment

10:00-10:25a     Shifting Paradigms for the Future of Air Filtration, Hunter Most, AAF Flanders

10:25-10:50a     How the onset of the Coronavirus Pandemic has forever influenced the air filtration industry, Joe Gorman, Camfil

10:50-11:15a     A Closer Look at Air Filtration, Indoor Air Quality and Covid-19, Jim Rosenthal, Tex-Air Filters

11:15-11:40a     The Digital Transformation of Clean Air Management, Dr. Ellie Amirnasr, qlair

11:40a-12:00p   Product of Year Award Ceremony

December 16, 2020

8:00-8:10a          Welcome and Introduction

Session 3: Facemask Technologies and Latest Developments

8:10-8:35a         Specifications and Ideal Performance of Masks for Protection against COVID-19, Dr. Peter Tsai, Univ of Tenn.

8:35-9:00a         Respiratory Filtration Using Nanofibers, Dr. Jayesh Doshi, eSpin

9:00-9:25a         Fashion in Efficient Consumer Masks, Wendover Brown, Ohlone Press, LLC

9:25-9:50a         Pandem-trepreneurship, Mike Atkinson, T3Gear

9:50-10:00a       Bio Break

Session 4: Facemask/Air Filter Test Methods and Standards

10:00-10:25a     Latest Update of HVAC Air Cleaner Testing, Kathleen Owen, ASHRAE Fellow and 52.2 Chair

10:25-10:50a     Comparing test methods for respirators, medical masks and barrier face covering to improvised methods used            during COVID-19, Tim Johnson, TSI

10:50-11:15a     An outline of current medical face mask performance requirements and testing, Janelle R. Bentz, Nelson Labs

11:15-11:40a     In-Place Measure, Monitor and Manage Air Filtration System Associated with COVID-19, Stephen Nicholas, Past President @ NAFA, Expert of In-Place Testing and management of Air Filtration System

11:40a-12:00p  CFSS Certification Ceremony

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