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Mr. Joe Gorman

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Starting in 2005, Joe Gorman has worked in numerous roles at Camfil USA with a primary focus on product development as well as the application specialist for data centers, indoor firing ranges, transportation, health care, and livestock enclosures where protecting animals against airborne viruses has been practiced for over 12 years. Joe has several patents on air filtration design and sealing mechanisms which are used in a wide array of industrial applications today. Joe received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and his Master of Business Administration Degree from Steven’s Institute of Technology. Joe’s current role at Camfil USA is Vice President of Product and Development. Joe is responsible for new products and materials for Camfil USA’s filtration, containment and dust collection business units.

Improvements in particulate and gaseous filtration standards aim to improve indoor air quality

The COVID pandemic has dramatically increased indoor air quality awareness and the importance of clean air to one's health. Many studies worldwide show that indoor air's harmfulness can reach incredibly high levels affecting the cognitive function, performance, and well-being of building occupants. These harmful toxins come in both particulate and gas forms and, if present in high enough concentrations, can cause long-lasting health issues. Global air filtration companies have come together to create new particle and gaseous filtration standards in order to classify products better. ISO 16890, published in 2016, was one of these standards that focused on improved ways to classify particle filtration efficiency. More recently, the new ISO 10121-3 standard, currently in review, is working towards classifying gaseous filters to help facilities make better choices regarding gaseous removal and healthy air. These two standards combined aim to help people worldwide make better choices regarding the air we breathe.

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