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Mr. Scott Yaeger

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Mr. Scott Yaeger is currently President/CEO of Filtration and Separation Technology International, Inc. (FAST International, Inc.) and Filtration and Separation Technology Consulting, LLC (FAST Consulting LLC). He has over 40 years of a broad range of experience in Membrane Filtration with several market-leading manufacturers and marketers, including Sartorius, Cuno/3M, Gelman/Pall, and PTI Advanced Filtration/Parker Hannifin. He has held worldwide senior-level positions in Sales, Marketing, Engineering, R&D, Manufacturing, and General Management. Since 2004 as President of FAST Consulting, LLC, he has assisted in the development of new membranes into new and existing markets, new membrane device technologies, and new membrane applications for multiple market-leading filtration companies.


Scott was the Founding Chairman of the American Filtration and Separation Society (AFS), a past Member of the Board of Directors, and Program Chair. He is currently on the Board of Directors of the Electrocoat Association (EA). Mr. Yaeger has been awarded the Wells Shoemaker Award from American Filtration and Separation Society and the Brewer Award from The Electrocoat Association. He is the inventor of 4 US Patents and their International counterparts, and has presented over 400 technical papers to more than 10 technical societies. Scott teaches Microfiltration and Ultrafiltration Membranes at the American Filtration and Separation Society. Scott is on the Editorial Board for Filtration News.

Sustainable Beneficial Water – Our Planet Future

 While the total volume of water on our planet is not changing, the amount of beneficial water is rapidly declining while the population requiring this water for substances is increasing. This is leading to a global crisis where there is not enough beneficial water to sustain our worldwide population.


Beneficial Water is defined as water that can be safely used for drinking, cooking, agriculture, washing, etc. for both humans and all other living creatures on which our lives depend. While all water no matter how contaminated can be treated to make beneficial water, economics plays a major role in whether it is done.

This presentation will give insights on how we can make both small and large volumes of contaminated water into beneficial water economically.

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