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Mr. Sean O’Reilly

Sean O'Reilly is the Global VP of High Purity Sales & Innovation for AAF Flanders. Sean has been in the air filter business for 35+ years and is recognized as an industry expert in the field of air filtration especially for cleanroom applications.

Healthy Buildings are the Best Medicines for our Well Being

There has been so much written about IAQ/IEQ over the years but particularly over the last 2 years, since Covid19. It is well documented that we spend on average, 90% of our time indoors, therefore it is incumbent on the building owner/occupiers to make the buildings and homes we live and work in as safe as possible. Our bodies have an intimate relationship with both outdoor and more so, indoor air. A nasty cocktail of pollutants and contaminants can reach our brains, through our mouths, our eyes, and our bloodstream. Although there is so much information publicly available about the detrimental effects of IEQ on our health, the engineering and standards/guidelines community have focused on designing buildings for comfort, energy efficiency and sustainability but almost nothing on human health. How we measure, monitor, and quite frankly monetize (for those of us in the industry) ‘IEQ’ beyond supplying a product to meet a given standard or meets a certain specification is not enough. This is our challenge, to make the invisible, visible.