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Mr. Sean O’Reilly

Mr. Sean O'Reilly is currently Global VP HP Sales & Innovation, AAF Flanders, responsible for Sales, Product Management & Product Development for High Purity Products. He has 35+ years of air filtration & systems expertise for both HVAC & cleanroom, bio-safety applications. He is AAF IEQ North American Task Force Member with Daikin Group. He is a multiple patent holder from cleanroom applications products to sensor technology

Sustainable Filtration Solutions for Healthy Living and Environment

We take about 1,000 breaths per hour. Every day, we breathe in just over 2,000 gallons of air—enough to almost fill up a normal-sized swimming pool. It's the amount needed to oxygenate approximately 2,000 gallons of blood pumped through your heart daily. (We drink between 0.5-1 gallon of liquid per day, and we eat between 3-5lbs of food per day) When we know how much outdoor pollution exists and the 'building efficiency,' we can calculate how much polluted indoor air we breathe. A higher level of indoor pollutants can be linked to the tightening up of our buildings to save energy by limiting the amount of fresh air that comes in. There is growing recognition that the principal purpose of most buildings is for human occupancy, and the health and wellness of occupants must be a priority.


This presentation will review recent developments in clean air strategies and technologies for healthy buildings. The emerging opportunities and trends of clean air filtration industry will be also discussed.