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Mr. Chris Muller

Mr. Muller, Director IEQ Technical Services, AAF Flanders, is recognized globally as an expert in indoor/environmental air quality, filtration and enhanced air cleaning systems, and gas-phase air filtration technology with demonstrated competencies in product development and applications. With 35 years in the filtration industry, he has written and spoken extensively on these and related topics with more than 250 articles and peer-reviewed papers, more than 150 seminars, and 8 handbooks to his credit. Mr. Muller has been designated as an ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer since 2005 and has prepared and delivered more than 45 presentations worldwide. He co-authored ASHRAE’s Position Document on Filtration and Air Cleaning, ASHRAE Guideline 42P: Indoor Air Quality in Commercial and Institutional Buildings, and ASHRAE Standard 62.1 User’s Manual.


Mr. Sean O’Reilly

Mr. Sean O'Reilly is currently Global VP HP Sales & Innovation, AAF Flanders, responsible for Sales, Product Management & Product Development for High Purity Products. He has 35+ years of air filtration & systems expertise for both HVAC & cleanroom, bio-safety applications. He is AAF IEQ North American Task Force Member with Daikin Group. He is a multiple patent holder from cleanroom applications products to sensor technology

Sustainable Filtration Solutions for Healthy Living and the Environment

Although there is and has been a lot of information published about the harmful effects of poor IAQ/IEQ on our health, the engineering and standards/guidelines community have historically focused on designing buildings for thermal comfort and energy efficiency, with much too little emphasis on the impact of poor IAQ/IEQ on human health. How we measure, monitor, and quite frankly monetize (for those of us in the industry) “IEQ solutions” beyond our conventional supply chain routes of products and services, is a huge challenge and opportunity for our industry especially around driving standards (and ultimately regulations), product efficacy, and increased awareness that will ultimately benefit the consumer.


This presentation will discuss recent developments in clean air strategies and technologies for healthy buildings. Emerging opportunities and trends of the filtration and air cleaning industry will be also discussed.

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