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Dr. Cedric Vallet

Head of Business Development & Product Management, Ahlstrom, France

Dr. Cédric Vallet is Head of Product Management & Business Development of Filtration Division at Ahlstrom. After an engineering degree and a PhD in France, he joined Ahlstrom and has occupied different positions in R&D, Sales and Marketing always in link with Filtration. In the last 15 years, he has developed a strong expertise on filtration media manufacturing and on various air and liquid filtration applications, especially in the field of transportation. Cédric has driven the launch of Ahlstrom FiltEV®, a new platform of high-performance filtration materials for Electric Vehicles and more recently Ahlstrom ECOTM, a new generation of lignin-containing materials supporting the increasing sustainability demands towards the global automotive market.

Dec 5, 2023, 11:00AM -11:15AM EST

Next-Generation Filtration Media for Automotive Industry

The proper operation and the performance of vehicles is highly dependent of the quality of the fluids feeding the engine (Air, Fuel), lubricating the moving parts (Oil), and regenerating the cabin air. In this context, filtration media play a central role by removing particles and gaseous contaminants, and by keeping a high level of cleanliness of these gases and liquids.
But transportation filtration world is facing a major sustainability challenge that Ahlstrom addressing in alignment with its purpose to “Purify and Protect with Every Fiber, for a Sustainable world”. Two main axes will be developed during the presentation with recent product development examples: 1/ improving the carbon footprint of end customers by enhancing the performance of the filter element (longer lifetime, lower energy consumption, better protection) and by supporting the transition to electrification (new FiltEV® platform dedicated to high performance filtration materials for battery and fuel cell electric vehicles). 2/ adopting more sustainable resources by anticipating regulation (PFAS-free solutions), and by incorporating increasing amounts of bio-sourced fibers and binders which support the reduction of the carbon footprint of the filter elements.

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