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Dr. Jatin Khanpara

Chief Technology Advisor, Research Products, USA

Dr. Jatin Khanpara is Chief Technology Advisor for Research Products supporting AprilAire, Anden, Dristeem and RP brands. Jatin leads Technology for all RP products & acquisitions, Government relations & regulations, AI and multiple strategies. Prior to this assignment, Jatin led Engineering & Technology organization for Aprilaire, as a Senior Vice President & delivered multiple platforms with innovation. Jatin brings deep experience in Technical, Product Management, Innovation and Business area having held senior-level roles with Whirlpool, Carrier, and Fiskars. During his long career, he has held global leadership roles in Product Creation, Technology, Product Management, Innovation, Change Management, Business Strategy, P&L, Business Growth & Turnaround, Risk Management and building High Performance Teams for consumer and commercial industries.

Jatin holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Iowa State University, a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Bradley University, and a K.M.I. from Kellogg School of Management. He holds five U.S. Patents, is a thought leader with numerous articles, 15 journal and conference papers to his name, and has served on university boards.  Jatin is a member of ASHRAE and ASME.

Dec 5, 2023, 10:30AM -9:45AM EST

Smart Homes and IAQ Sensors

This discussion explores the pivotal role of IAQ management in smart homes, focusing on the following four key aspects.
Firstly, it addresses common indoor air pollutants and their negative effects on human health and well-being.
Secondly, the discussion delves into the sensors used to measure these pollutants and how these sensors could be deployed for needed information for mitigation. Emphasis is placed on IAQ management through the right sensors in the right locations.
Thirdly, the discussion explores the diverse technologies available for mitigating indoor air pollutants. These technologies encompass air filtration/purification systems and ventilation strategies.
Lastly, the presentation illustrates how an integrated IAQ system harmonizes within a smart home- Integration not only ensures healthier living environments but also empowers residents with the knowledge and tools necessary to proactively manage their indoor air quality.

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