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Mr. Jon Douglas

Director of Healthy Buildings, Johnson Control, USA

Jon Douglas is the Director of Healthy Buildings Services and Solutions at Johnson Controls. Throughout his 30-year career in the HVAC&R industry, he has established a reputation as an innovator. Jon has 42 patents issued and numerous others in process. He has a broad range of HVAC&R experience; residential, light commercial RTUs, supermarket refrigeration, and large BAS systems. During the COVID outbreak, Jon studied the fundamentals of infection control in buildings and became JCI’s leading technical expert in clean air strategies for buildings. Jon is an active member of ASHRAE 241 and 62.1 Standards committees.

Dec 5, 2023, 9:10AM-9:25AM EST

Preparation for the Future: Introducing New ASHRAE Standard 241 and Its Application Opportunities

During COVID, the ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force established itself as the global leader in providing guidance on operating buildings to reduce the airborne infection risk. In December 2022, the White House, asked ASHRAE to develop a standard to capture this knowledge. The result is ASHRAE Standard 241, Control of Infectious Aerosols which was released in June 2023. This standard introduces a new metric, Equivalent Clean Airflow for infection risk mitigation, for measuring the pathogen reduction capability of various air cleaning technologies. The standard defines methods of test for measuring the ECAi of ventilation, filtration, UVC lighting, and any other pathogen reduction technology. In parallel, the standard establishes ECAi targets based on a Wells Riley infection risk model. These targets must be achieved when the building is operating in Infection Risk Management Mode. In this presentation, I will introduce the standard and provide examples on applying the standard to a commercial space.

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