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Mr. Kevin Jameson

CEO, PureAir Filtration, USA

Mr. Jameson is currently CEO of PureAir Filtration- a company that specializes in gas phase filtration. He has over 20 years of experience in the gas phase air purification market, 15 of those years being with PureAir Filtration. He holds four patents in the gas phase filtration industry. Mr. Jameson started his career with Torrington bearings, later moved into the automotive industry with Siemens, spent five years with Purafil as Vice President of Operations, and then founded PureAir Filtration in 2004. Kevin is an active member of the WEF Odor and Air Pollutants committee, a committee member of the International Society for Automation committee on protecting electronics from pollution, and an ASHRAE member. He earned his Bachelor’s and Master's degrees in Engineering from Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA, USA.

Dec 5, 2023, 10:45AM -11:00AM EST

Filtration to produce RNG (Renewable Natural Gas) – Turning waste into clean energy

As the demand for clean energy continues to increase, a worldwide push is being made to convert what would normally be waste into energy. This industry has developed early in Europe but other regions have accelerated the adoption of this technology. Sources of this waste include food, farms, wastewater sludge, landfills, and many others. These wastes are digested in a controlled environment where bacteria convert the waste to various energy gases. Unfortunately, these gases are contaminated with other compounds which must be removed to provide clean energy. Various stages of filtration are utilized to separate the desirable gases from the undesirable compounds. Many technologies are utilized in this developing industry where every application seems very unique.
This presentation will review this expanding industry and discuss how filtration is an essential part of it.

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