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Mr. Mike Clark

President, Filtration Division, H&V, USA

Mr. Mike Clark is the President, Filtration Solutions, Hollingsworth & Vose. He has 20 years of filtration experience, including air, liquid, transportation, and power generation. He serves as INDA Board of Directors and Massachusetts High Technology Council Board of Directors. He was the president of the high efficiency and specialty filtration division from 2009 to 2020. Mike was a strategy consultant for 8 years working with Fortune 100 manufacturing companies before joining H&V. He received B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Poly-technic Institute, USA.

Dec 5, 2023, 8:10 AM-8:25AM EST

New Filtration Technologies to Meet Increasing Market Expectations

Filter media developers and manufacturers take great pride in their proprietary materials and methods used for forming the webs, films, membranes, and other composites used in filtration – but ironically, the end-user customers extract the highest value from the “nega-tive space” in a filter. In fact, porous materials are characterized by their negative space – by the voids and pores through which the fluids flow.
Porous material manufacturers are always looking for ways to better control the negative space and minimize the materials used to create it. Membranes provide an excellent exam-ple of how minimizing the physical material can improve performance; every membrane, and especially every microfiltration membrane contains nodules. Nodules serve to inter-connect the fibrils, but themselves provide a significant amount of mass. The mass of the nodules impedes flow, provides surface area subject to contamination, and can suboptimize separation process performance.
Our new line of microfiltration membranes offers a compelling example of minimizing wast-ed material in nodules. Through innovative material design, users of these membrane micro-filtration media can achieve significantly improved performance in various applications, such as food preparation, breweries, wineries, and bioprocessing facilities.
During this presentation, we will also explore other advanced filter media technologies aimed at meeting the ever-growing market expectations within the global filtration industry. These innovations aim to further optimize filtration processes and enhance overall perfor-mance.

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