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Mr. Sean O’Reilly

Global SVP, AAF International, USA

Mr. Sean O'Reilly is currently Global Senior Vice President HP Sales & Innovation, AAF Flanders, responsible for Sales, Product Management & Product Development for High Purity Products. He has 40+ years of air filtration & systems expertise for both HVAC & cleanroom, bio-safety applications. He is AAF IEQ North American Task Force Member with Daikin Group. He is a multiple patent holder from cleanroom applications products to sensor technology.

Dec 5, 2023, 11:15AM -11:30AM EST

Clean Air Standards and Advanced Technologies

Pre, during and post CV19 there have been multiple recommendations, guidelines and standards introduced to our industry. While each of these initiatives by themselves make good sense and have added real value, many also overlap, so what do we recommend as an industry to the end user, consulting engineers, contractors and to our own internal teams on what we recommend and why?
This is a very complex topic and I do not expect to deliver the ‘magic answer’ but the subject should be tabled for continued discussion as we develop a more coherent direction for the competing recommendations and ultimately deliver what we all want, i.e. to manufacture, supply, install and measure the optimized solutions for clean, conditioned indoor environments that meet our collective sustainability goals.

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